AFRO FOODZ: Environment forms the ingredient.


Taste is our passion. We are passionate about the intensity and depth of an ingredient's taste, as well as excited about presenting a new refreshing diversity of flavours and textures from the natural heritage of sub-Saharan Africa's fauna and flora.

Morning Sun

Taste intensity and depth is inherent to the plant or the animal. The species and the genes form the core of an ingredient's taste and texture. Most of the food species that we consume today have been bred and selected over the last 50 years to achieve higher growth productivity and improved looks, but this has compromised the taste. AFRO FOODZ' ingredients come from species that have been formed purely by evolution.

Regarding the ingredient diversity, there are few places on our planet that equal sub-Saharan Africa in its amazing diversity in fauna and flora. We are enthused to reveal this region's ingredient diversity and enhance your cooking "palette" of tastes and textures with it.

Springbok Antelope meat, our core product, is delicious with a very fine grain and full of flavour. Springbok is an example of extreme organic and extreme slow food. The indigenous animals run free in large tracts of land without any human intervention. The springbok lives in dry areas and therefore grows slowly. We believe that it is similar to wine: the slower the growth, the richer and more subtle the taste. They feed on the large diversity of available desert shrubs which give the meat a naturally rich, but never "wild", flavour.

AFRO FOODZ supplies meat of a consistent, reliable and superior quality.