AFRO FOODZ: Environment forms the ingredient.


Mud Hut Close-up

Buying our products creates a direct income for farmers and communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa has not much going right for it now. It is as if this amazing continent was forgotten in the global turn of events and that it has become dependent on aid from the developed world. Manufacturing is small and most outsourcing is moved to Asia. The primary industry, with mining and agriculture, is the remaining part where Africa can compete in a global market. However, mining is exclusive to big investments and hence reserved for big business. Also, the supply of minerals is limited and it provides few job opportunities.

This leaves agriculture as the only real solution where the normal person can make a direct contribution to the economy and earn a sustainable living. Besides providing the basic food requirements, any surplus products can be exported. Ultimately, Africa's standard of living can only be increased in a sustainable way, if Africa's export to the developed countries is increased. Agriculture allows the foreign earnings from export to flow directly to the farmer and the community.

AFRO FOODZ creates a transparent link between you the consumer and the farmer or the community in sub-Saharan Africa. Access to market remains one of the big hurdles for small-scale agriculture and our primary contribution is to remove this hurdle.

If you eat antelope meat, you directly support the community or the farmer in sub-Saharan Africa where the antelopes live. If you buy their meat they earn a direct income and it enables them to conserve the land where the antelopes live.