AFRO FOODZ: Environment forms the ingredient.


Pure and Natural Food.

Health created by clean and pure Nature.

Our health depends largely on what we eat. In theory, we all agree that we need to balance the daily nutrients that we eat, and that we need to avoid any toxins, like antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. But this is not so easy to put into practice. Stricter regulation on packaging information has helped us to better understand what we eat. But can we prove if the meat has any remainder of antibiotics or hormones left in it? We just don't know, we have to trust the product. Springbok is completely free of any foreign substances and is not subjected to unnatural feed. It is fed by nature only.

There is a general trend to think that eating red meat is bad for us. We beg to differ. First, it is not the red meat that is bad for us, but the high fat content in red meat. Second, like everything else, it depends on how much red meat we consume. What is important however, is that red meat does contain certain amino acids that are essential to our diet and which are not easily replaced by other foods. We therefore advocate consuming small quantities of high quality and trustable organic meat every once in a while.

Health is Springbok Antelope meat's big benefit. We can guarantee that there are absolutely no hormones and no antibiotics in the antelope meat, since the antelope run wild and it would simply be financially infeasible to dose them.

Like other red meat, it is a source of high-quality proteins, supplying essential amino acids, as well as a source of iron and vitamins A and B. However, the fat content of Springbok meat is much lower than other red meats and is on par with chicken.

Health and quality standards are guaranteed by the European Commission's regulatory bodies who frequently and thoroughly monitor all the steps in the supply chain, starting from the animal's natural desert habitat in sub-Saharan Africa.

AFRO FOODZ' Springbok is the ideal low-fat, essential-proteins diet.