AFRO FOODZ: Environment forms the ingredient.


We host cooking workshops where we familiarise you with our ingredients and reveal you the story behind the products, and the people and places from where the products come from.

Kokerboom Top

In the workshop you will learn about the ingredients and how to prepare them. We will demonstrate how to cook the ingredients and you will get a chance to taste them. There will also be room for you to practice and experiment.

We will show you films in High Definition with a projector and screen that we have made on location in sub-Saharan Africa in the community or at the farm where the plants or animals come from. In the film the people of the community or the farmer tell their story about their environment and how their ingredient is formed. They talk about the history and about the people that are involved. Instead of us telling you their story, we capture their story and show it to you as it is. The story makes the ingredients personal and allows you to relate to the people and places where the ingredients come from.

During the cooking, tasting and storytelling, there will be ample time for questions, discussion and reflection.

Delicious food combined with a passionate topic, all enjoyed, shared and treasured in a small and cosy group makes for a memorable experience.